In the United States, one-fifth of the total 123 million households use septic systems to flush out their waste. Septic tanks are one of those water-waste management systems that remain underground but perform an essential task of keeping the waste out of our homes. And since they are fitted deeply under the ground, it’s often neglected or cared-about less. Skipping regular septic tank inspection and maintenance can cost families in millions and expose them to diseases and health hazards. So, it’s always advised to keep an eye on the septic tank.

Given how crucial septic tank upkeep is, knowing when it needs professional attention is necessary. Here we have listed down some clear signs that indicate it’s time to go for tank inspection.

  1. Clogged Water

Pooling water is a palpable sign that you need to call for water tank inspection services.

While the water can accumulate in any area in the lawn, look around the drain field in particular. In a normally functioning septic tank, the wastewater remains inside the tank. However, a clog caused by solid particles can make the wastewater collect and ooze to the surface. So, when you notice lodged pool of water in your backyard, hire professionals to check the septic system.

  1. Foul Odors

Water waste produced from the entire household gets collected in the septic tank. It has liquid, sludgy, as well as solid waste in it. When the tank gets fully filled with the waste, it starts emitting a foul odor. If you happen to experience stinky smells in your backyard, lawn, or near the drain field, and can’t find a source, waste no time in calling the tank inspection company.

  1. Slow Drains

When the septic tank is full or clogged, it can slow the draining process. If your kitchen skin or toilet is taking time to drain even after using drain cleaning products, the real problem could be present underground.

  1. Sewage Holdup

One of the easiest ways to tell if the septic tank requires maintenance is by looking for sewage backup in the sinks or the toilets. If you see black and stinky water held up in your kitchen sink or bathtub, call for water tank inspection services.

  1. Drain Field Grass Health 

If you notice that the grass is greener on one side of the lawn than the rest, it could be due to overfilled septic tank. The excessive wastewater from the septic tank seeps out, promoting the growth of vegetation. It’s best to get the tank checked and pumped out to prevent a major catastrophe in the future.

So, here were some of the tell-tale signs to help you identify some severe issues with your septic tank system. If you witness any of these signs, you should take timely action to contain the problem and prevent costly repair and renovations.  This will save you both time and money.