The principle of operation of air conditioners and other cooling machines of the evaporative type is based on the physical properties of gases (or volatile liquids such as freon, ammonia) with sharp expansion to cool the volume. This process occurs constructively in a special evaporation chamber, which cools the air.

In this case, other physical phenomena play a role, more commonly known as “reaching the dew point”. In nature, it looks like the appearance of the smallest dewdrops on a cold surface and is called condensate. Basically, this is a by-product of the air conditioner and, to ensure the normal functioning of the device, needs to be removed from the cooling system. If you need Air Conditioning Services at an affordable price, then the HVAC Kenosha is the right choice.

Now that we know where the condensate comes from, we will now open the subject of removing the condensate from the conditioner and for what it is necessary:

  • Condensate is water, and because conditioner is a complex electromechanical device, water can cause conditions to become too fast.
  • For one day from one unit can run up to 20 liters and more atmospheric liquid – with a large number of devices in the building can easily collect a ton. Such volumes can already be called the risk of flooding the basement floor.
  • Standing water serves as an excellent shelter for the development of fungi, bacteria, and other pathogens.

Even these three arguments are enough to ensure the drainage system is needed to knock. The main purpose of the system is to remove excess moisture from the place.

Impact on health

The main danger of blockage of drainage is not the result of neighboring floods or the destruction of expensive devices but in threats to the lives and health of occupants of cool spaces. If there are dirt, water, and heat, this automatically creates the risk of creating an entire incubator in the split system from various infections:

  1. Some strains can cause diseases of the respiratory system to lung cancer.
  2. There are certain varieties that cause “Legionnaires disease” – bacterial pneumonia. At the same time, the death rate is very high.
  3. An unpleasant odor is the most unlikely evil. At the same time serves as a kind of final warning – it’s time to clean drainage.

It must be remembered that the prevention of drainage systems must be carried out at least once every three months. Even if the air conditioner has not functioned so far, nothing prevents the accumulation of dirt and the development of pathogenic organisms in all the back roads.