The carpet is one part of the house that you always have to control its cleanliness because it is feared it will instead become a comfortable nest for the development of bacteria and germs. One of the tools commonly used to clean carpets is a vacuum cleaner. This tool will indeed help your work very quickly because the dust that clings to the carpet will immediately be lifted just by bringing the tool closer to your carpet.

But what if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner? You do not need to worry because that’s on this occasion we will share information about how to clean carpets without vacuum cleaners. You can also hire a carpet cleaning service to clean your carpet properly and thoroughly.

Using a feather duster

A feather duster can also be an alternative that you can choose when you don’t have a vacuum cleaner. You can get a feather duster in the stores around your home at very affordable prices. There is no doubt that a feather duster is a tool made specifically for cleaning dust, whether found in sheets, glass, chairs, or even on carpets.

The most important thing is that you always clean using a feather duster routinely at least twice a week, depending on what the conditions in your home are like. If your house is often made active which of course must step on the carpet, then you must clean it at least twice a day. But if the carpet in your home is not often used for activities, then you only need to clean it at least once a week.

Using the Rattan Beater

Have you ever seen mothers cleaning mattresses using a rattan beater? You need to know that the rattan beater is not only used to clean the dust on mattresses, pillows, or bolsters, but you can also use this tool to clean the dust on your carpet.

The way you clean your carpet using a rattan beater is that you have to hang or hang your carpet in advance for several hours or until it is fully exposed to the sun. Then you have to hit it using the rattan beater as when you clean the dust on the mattress, pillows, and also bolsters.

Do this method at least 2 or up to 3 months, depending on how much dust is on your carpet. Just a suggestion that when you want to clean your carpet using a rattan bat or feather duster, you should wear a mask. So, that no dust gets into your nose or respiratory tract. If you don’t pay attention to this, it is feared that you may experience problems related to the respiratory tract.