Top Motorcycle Accessories to Buy

If you ask anybody out there whether riding a motorcycle is safe, almost all will tell you it isn’t at all. Basically, motorcycle riding is like a drug, you have a taste of it and sooner or later probably you’ll get addicted.

However, this is an addiction that everyone will like to get addicted to. But for that to happen, you’ll have to stay alive so as to keep doing it. Commuting is fun when everything is going exactly right and for that to happen there are motorcycle accessories that you should have.

Riding daily in different weather conditions as well as in various traffic scenarios you can imagine of, many challenges may arise that need you to have some accessories. The following are some essential motorcycle accessories that you should buy.

Riding Gear

Generally, you will always have to start by having the correct riding gear. It comprises all the essential accessories including jacket, helmet pants, boots, gloves, etc. These things are essential to have and you must not skip on them. In fact, if you’re not paying for that right stuff, chances are you’ll end up with the wrong stuff.

Crash Protection

Nobody likes thinking about crashing, do you? However, crash protection like bar ends, frame sliders, fork sliders, and swingarm spools will help minimize your worry. All you need to do is to protect the motorcycle from any low-speed to moderate slides and tip-overs.

Mobile Phone Holder

Just like in cars, you will as well need navigation while riding your bike. This is even more important when traveling to unknown and new areas. To avoid deviation, you need a mobile phone holder to make the experience easy.

Bike Cover

Definitely, you don’t have a garage but if you do, not everyone is that fortunate to own one. But you need not worry as covers make a decent option. Covers are important as they protect against harsh sunlight, dust, and rains. You won’t need to wash it frequently as long as it’s covered properly.

Multi-Tool Kit

A pocket-sized pack is all you require for a fast roadside fix. This includes all the tools in them that you may need at the roadside.

Motorcycle Tire Inflator

Nobody can efficiently prepare for contingencies. However, a tire inflator will help if you tires run low on air while on your ride.

Mobile Power Supply

The experience of having a dead battery halfway your ride is frustrating, especially for your GPS. You should have a power supply for such things like the camera, phone, GPS, and other electronic gadgets on your bike.

Security Systems

Motorcycle security systems are many, ranging from sophisticated electronic alarms to a plethora of locks. It isn’t fun having your motorcycle stolen. Any security system can make it safe even when you’re not close to it as the alarm can alert those nearby.


Riding when it’s cold won’t please your hands. Keep the chill of the wind off your hands by using handguards so as to make a difference.

Motorcycle accessories are very important although some individuals fail to take this advice of commuting essentials. Don’t wish you did take the advice when something unexpected happens.